23 Dec Top 5 most addictive foods…

The term “food addiction” is a pretty controversial one. Some dietitians flat-out reject its existence, while others sometimes overestimate it. The truth is that we do know “food addiction” affects people’s weight, we just don’t know to what extent yet.

There’s hundreds of studies trying to find biological models that explain why this addiction exists and how it affects our food choices. However, we’re not going to go into that! Instead, we’ll look at something more simple… and arguably more fun! We’re going to look at just how addictive certain foods are.

A recent study from the University of Michigan asked 384 participants to give different foods an “addiction rating”, from 1 to 7, using the Yale Food Addiction Scale, a measure usually used to determine the overall addiction of a person to food. This is what they reported:

Top 5 most addictive foods

5) Ice-cream – Well, there’s not much to say here, it’s sweet, easy to eat and requires no preparation. After all, we’ve all found ourselves sinking in the couch with our arms lovingly wrapped around a bucket of ice-cream at least once in our lives. (Score: 3.68)

4) Cookies – It seems people have a hard time keeping their hands out of the cookie jar. It’s admittedly hard to have just one cookie! (Score: 3.71)

2) Chips/Crisps – The “2” isn’t a typo, it’s just that second place is occupied by two foods. Now, this one may be confusing depending on where you are in the world. For the United Kingdom folk, it’s crisps, for everyone else, it’s chips. While their name may change depending on where you live, there’s one thing that always remains the same, they are the ultimate in comfort foods, and that’s what makes them so addictive. (Score: 3.73)

2) Chocolate – Speaking of comfort food, some of you may be surprised to hear that chocolate is not actually number 1 in the list. Still, the pleasure derived from eating it has made many people equate chocolate with sex, making it the second most addictive foods in existence alongside chips/crisps.  (Score: 3.73)

1) Pizza – Knowing that chocolate was number 2, I doubt this came as a surprise to anyone. One of the most popular and tasty foods in the world, the participants of the study rated pizza as the one food that they could absolutely not stop eating until they were ready to burst. (Score: 4.01)

Top 5 Least Addictive Foods

5) Brown Rice – Not only is it good for your blood sugar, but apparently, you won’t be tempted to overeat it, neither will you crave it late at night… (Score: 1.74)

4) Apple – I won’t lie, I was surprised. Apples are one of my favourite fruits, so it almost feels wrong that they are so low in the addiction scale. Nonetheless, it’s a good thing, it means that we can all keep eating them safely.

3) Beans (No sauce) – While beans are extremely popular in a certain North-Western European country (you know who you are lads), I’m guessing the “no sauce” part pushed the beans down to one of the least addictive foods out there.

2) Carrots – Moving on to number two, the study found that, other than Bugs Bunny, no one really craves carrots or overeats them in absurd quantities.

1) Cucumber – I must say, this was really surprising,  I absolutely love cucumbers, I almost eat it compulsively. Alas, it appears that I am one of the very few people who feel this way, as cucumber was ranked the least addictive food in the list.


This list shouldn’t really scare you, most of the things in there aren’t even a surprise. The point here is to realize that food addiction is a real thing and it heavily depends on the kind of food you’re eating. If you want to lose some weight, it’s better to avoid eating the foods high on the list, because they’re the ones that you’re most likely to overconsume.