04 Jan Time to get rid of Christmas weight! -Week 1-

Here we are, 2016! With Christmas and New Year’s eve behind us, it’s time to step back into reality.

This means it’s also time to weigh ourselves for the first time this year. Now, that’s not always a pleasant thing to do. Most of us have probably put on a bit of weight from all the Christmas cheer.

Worry not, though! By the end of the month, you can be back into shape!

Throughout January, I’ll be posting weekly goals for you to achieve, in order to get back into shape. With a bit of effort, you might even lose more weight than you gained during the holidays!

So let’s start of with the first weeks goals:

Week 1

You can print this and stick it on your fridge or anywhere in the house. Follow these simple steps, and next week, we’re going to look at how to control portion sizes.

See you next time,

Konstantinos Chardavellas