What is LoveMyKilos

LoveMyKilos is a new and holistic journey to achieve happiness through your body image.

It’s a declaration to yourself and to the world. At the end of the journey you will be able to say “I LOVE MY KILOS!”, and at the same time, you will have the confidence and the strength to call out to the world and demand “LOVE MY KILOS!”

The goal is to improve your health, physically and mentally, love your body again and change your relationship with food.

LoveMyKilos is for people between the ages of 16 to… 116. Other than that, it knows no borders, no genders, no ages, no races, everyone is welcome here. So step inside, and let’s start your journey towards loving yourself and your body.

In the shortest and most simplistic definition, LoveMyKilos is a new approach to Dietetics, which combines Psychology and Nutrition to focus on the individual's life as a whole, instead of just their diet.

How it all started

As I came in contact with more and more professionals in my life, I realized that, Nutritionists and Dietitians, we often limit ourselves to only talking about chemical compounds and physiological processes that you neither know nor care much about. Sometimes, we suggest foods, diets and body images that that are beyond the reach of most people living normal, daily lives.

This is why I decided to design my own approach, my own way to treat my patients and clients. LoveMyKilos treats people like complex human beings and focuses not on what I want you to do, but on what YOU want to do with your body and your diet.

At present, LoveMyKilos and I are available through this website. That’s only temporary, of course. Once everything is set up, you’ll be the first to know!

What LoveMyKilos Isn’t

LoveMyKilos has nothing to do with “magic” pills and drinks that supposedly allow you to eat a whole cake every day without gaining any weight.

It is not a crash diet that makes you lose 10 pounds in a week.

How it works

LoveMyKilos incorporates Psychology and Nutrition in equal measure.

We don’t wake up one day and decide to become overweight or underweight. Most often, it’s an unconscious process that builds up overtime. Our relationship with food is a very complex one, but it can be summarized by something I like to call the “Mind and Body Cycle”.

Psychological Issues, like stress, anger, sadness, self-loathing, will all worsen our Eating Habits. A break-up, financial difficulties, problems in our personal lives, they’re all just examples of the things that can negatively affect what, when and how we eat. This is how the “Mind” affects the “Body” in the Cycle.

In turn, our Eating Habits and the weight changes they might bring will worsen our Psychological issues and cause more stress, anger, sadness and self-loathing. This is how the “Body” affects the “Mind” in the Cycle.

A Dietitian can help you improve your Eating Habits, but if your Psychological concerns are not addressed, it’s only a matter of time before you slide back into your old eating habits and your old weight.

This is where LoveMyKilos comes in.

The Five Steps of LoveMyKilos

LoveMyKilos focuses on you, so every step of the way is structured around your life. It’s not about what you SHOULD do, but what you COULD do to reach your goal. No transformation is the same, and it shouldn’t be. This is your journey, and you will take it on your own terms.

Step 1:

Shedding the “Perfect Body” Image0%

There comes a time in our lives when we might wonder “Why don’t I look like that model, that athlete, that actress or that actor?”

There’s nothing wrong with liking “Hollywood bodies”, nothing wrong with having them either. But, it is important to internalize that we can be healthy, happy and beautiful without looking like that.

After all, we are perfectly imperfect and this is what makes each of us special and unique.

Step 2:

Setting YOUR goal0%

Don’t treat your body as something broken that needs fixing.

Love it, accept it and remember that your ideal body is already inside you, it always has been.

The reason you are here is because we need to bring it out. It may be covered by a few extra kilos, or it may be that parts of it are missing at the moment.

Step 3:

Mapping your Life0%

Now, it’s all about you. Your routine, your habits, your experiences, your social life, your likes and dislikes, they’re just a part of what shapes your food choices.

Step 4:

Rooting out the Problem0%

The next step is to find the root of the problem, the cause of your weight-gain or weight-loss.

It may simply be a lack of time, or it may be a complex emotional experience. It may be something you went through a long time, or something you’re going through right now.

Whatever it is, we will find it, together, and chart a course to face it head on.

Step 5:

Rebuilding your relationship with Food0%

LoveMyKilos isn’t a program that will help you lose or gain weight fast, only to go back to your old kilos a few months later.

What we want to achieve is long-lasting effects and a fundamental change in your relationship with food.

You might have heard this phrase before, “change in your relationship with food”. It’s meaning here is a little different.

Food is enjoyable, it is your friend. It brings people together and can really change your mood for the better. We’ve all had those days when nothing seems to be going the right way. Coming home to a nice, tasty home-made meal can really lift your spirits.

The point is that food shouldn’t be seen as something bad, neither should it be treated like medicine. The only way to maintain a healthy and balanced diet throughout your life is if you really like what you’re eating. This is what LoveMyKilos strives for. To allow you to be in control of your own diet, free to choose the best advice and leave whatever doesn’t work for you.