05 Mar But I just ate a salad

Salads are famous for being a low-calorie choice when you want to go on a diet. Not all salads are light, however, and under no circumstances are they always the best choice.

An easy example is Caesar’s salad. It’s salads, and it’s tasty, but it’s not something you’d eat to lose weight…

At their core, salads are good for you and your waistline, it’s when you start adding things in them that they start looking more and more like proper meal.

Dressings are probably your number one enemy here. Olive oil, French dressing, mayo, and everything in between, they all contain calories, and a bunch of them at that! What’s more, we often have no idea just how much of them we’re adding in our salads. We just tip the bottle and drizzle away. By doing so, out innocent 60kcal salad can skyrocket to a whopping 400 calories in no time!

Cheese is another thing to pay attention to. Cheese is often added in salads for flavour. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you remember that all cheeses contain calories. Some are good for you, others less so, but at any case, you should try to reduce the amount you add to salads if you’re aiming for weight-loss.


Be conscious about what you’re adding to your salads. Remember that everything has calories in it, so decide whether you want your salad to be a proper meal or a smaller one.

Go for white cheese, it’s healthier for you and oftentimes it contains less calories than yellow cheeses.

Low-fat cheese and dressings are your friend. That goes for all foods of course, but in this case especially it can save you a lot of calories.

Use small amounts of cheese, eggs and other additional ingredients. Cut them in small pieces and spread them equally in the salad to maximize taste while minimizing calories.

Watch out for avocados. They are super healthy, but they also contain a lot of calories. The average one has about 230kcals in it, so try adding only half of it to your salad and keeping the other half for the next day.

Measure, measure, measure! Make sure you know jus throw much oil or dressing you’re adding to your salad. Try using a tablespoon.

Eat the rainbow! You should make sure your salad is as colourful as possible, and believe it or not, there’s a scientific reason for that! Fruits and vegetables get their colour from their contents. More colours means more contents, which in turn means more healthy nutrients for you!