09 Nov Are you working out without realising?

Physical exercise is a key step to a healthier body. We’ve all heard this one before, and many of us have tried exercising, each in our own ways. However, it’s not always easy to make to time or find the strength to do it.

Well, don’t worry just yet. Turns out, there’s way more ways to exercise than what you may think. You may be exercising way more than what you give yourself credit for.

Look at the activities listed below and try to guess which ones you considered physical exercise.




Grocery shopping






Martial Arts

Climbing Stairs



The right answer is that they’re all considered physical exercise.

So let’s take a look at some daily activities that you might already be doing, or that you can start doing more regularly from now on:

  • Half an hour of mopping is equivalent to 15 minutes of jogging (140 calories)
  • Vacuuming for half an hour is equivalent to 15 minutes of tennis (130 calories)
  • Dancing for half an hour is the same as running for 15 minutes. (170 calories)
  • Walking to the supermarket, doing your groceries and then walking back carrying your bags is equivalent to half an hour of swimming or half an hour of rowing, depending on how far away the supermarket is and how heavy the bags are. (220 – 260 calories)
  • If you have children or young relatives, playing with them may be all the exercise you need. Half an hour of games like hide-and-seek, tag and soccer are like half an hour of aerobics (200 calories). Even more relaxed games like playing with dolls, action figures or toy cars can be like 15 minutes of casual basketball. (110 calories)
  • If you live or ever find yourself near mountainous areas or forests, half an hour of hiking is the same as half an hour of swimming. Plus, the fresh air will improve your stamina, since more oxygen will reach your muscles (220 calories).

There’s a bunch of other ways to work out, other than the ones mentioned above. Always remember, if it tires you out, makes you work up a sweat, raises your heartbeat and makes you breathe a little faster, then it’s probably worth doing!


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